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The main responsibilities of an Executive Protection Agent in relation to their Client will include security, safety, privacy, and peace of mind.


The Donovan Security Solutions employs the finest in Security and Executive Protection Agents. Our operatives are professionally trained and continually educated to meet today's highly increasing demands for protection. They are continually trained and educated in new threats, terrorism, anti-terrorism detection and prevention.

Our agents are trained and qualified in various areas including, but not limited to:


• Planning, Organizing and Project    Management

• Threat Assessments and Risk    Management

• Close Protection Parameters

• Protective Surveillance

• Weaponless and Armed Defense

• Martial Arts

• De-escalation of force

• Electronic Counter Surveillance    (Debugging)

• Foreign Language Skills

• Basic Psychology

• Protocol and Etiquette

• Community Policing

Donovan Security Solutions employs select teams that offer the ultimate in protection. They are highly competent in self defense, weapons, armed response, and crowd/riot control. They are specially trained and fit for any situation. These agents represent the private security industry's elite and follow "federal protective doctrine" (U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Defense). They are equipped with extensive resumes of ability and experience. They are always available for immediate world-wide services.


We also have a discreet, non-obtrusive executive protection team of fully trained and professional female agents able to travel internationally.