Donovan Security Solutions is a licensed California Corporation that has always believed in integrity, honesty, a strong sense of responsibility and mutual respect in dealing with all its clients and the general public. Within Protective Services Division, the belief is that your reputation is based upon the ethics and moral conduct exhibited in your relationships with clients, business associates, employees, fans and just the everyday passerby. In setting a good example, we strive to work for the benefit of the community in which we operate; exhibiting conduct above reproach in our personal and professional relationships.


Our success as a company is dependent upon serving our clients to their satisfaction within the demands of an extremely high code of ethics, morals and professional conduct.

OUR MISSION is to ensure that our clients are protected against loss and liability; that all customers are served in the most efficient, responsive and cost effective manner; that we provide premium service while maintaining a safe and secure environment so that you may successfully accomplish your goals without worry.


WE GUARANTEE whether providing armed and/or unarmed security personnel, security guard training courses, or security training for your staff, The Protective Services Division guarantees to provide you with the highest degree of quality service, attention to detail and professionalism possible.